20th June

Last Saturday we had our first late osprey cruise, we left Whitwell Harbour at 07:30 pm, two hours later than any of our other cruises so far this year. Lucky we were rewarded for venturing out at this later time, spotting multiple ospreys and were even lucky enough to see one osprey catch a fish. We were in the basin of the reservoir at the time, the osprey was spotted and the boat turned so we could head towards the spot it was fishing. We saw the characteristic shape and behaviour this bird was definitely fishing, the osprey had a few false dives before finally right in front of the dam it dived into the water, with great difficulty the bird hauled itself from the water with a large fish clutched in it’s talons.

The Manton Bay chicks have been getting accustomed to their new accessories over the last few days. It looks like the nest might be getting a bit cosy especially with the chicks starting to train up those wing muscles. They are jumping up and down on the nest flapping their wings as hard as they can manage, maybe not quite helicoptering yet, but it won’t be long!

Both chicks are also starting to become more independent and on many occasions feeding themselves, however, it doesn’t always go to plan, which is why it is good that Maya is still on hand whenever she is needed.