Don’t tell him Pike!

Collective fingers and reversible toes have been crossed at osprey HQ this week after the hatching of the 4th chick at Manton Bay. it was a few days behind the others and has had a lot of catching up to do, to keep up with the chunky siblings in the nest. Maya and 33 have had their work cut out feeding 4 hungry mouths and concerns were that the last chick, as it is the smallest, was being pushed around and elbowed out of the way during feeds. 

But today it was a different story! The chick looks like it’s finally muscling it’s way to the front of the queue and is getting some nice big mouthfuls of fish. And a very rare delicacy was served up today in the nest too! A pike was brought back to feed the chicks with!

2 responses to “Don’t tell him Pike!”

  1. Bill Hunt

    Every yeat’s the Sam. …. cute, fluffy baby ospreys hatch and a few days later they morph into little monsters with stubble! This year the wonderful difference is there’s 4 to watch! And soon those little monsters will grow into baby ospreys! Isn’t nature amazing! I just love seeing the transformations.

  2. sue gilbert

    I love them at the dinosaur stage, I’m not really so into “cute n’ fluffy!”