33’s Mishaps

Today has been miserable in Manton Bay, it feels as though winter still has us in its cold grip and the heat wave of a few weeks ago was all a dream. Nonetheless even with the constant down pours and chilly wind, we have had lots of brave visitors today. Those who managed to brave the cold and wet have been rewarded with views of the Manton Bay pair.


The pair have been busy taking turns incubating; sometimes they have been forced to leave the nest to chase of the odd intruder. This morning 33 managed to drop Maya’s breakfast before it made it to her, so he must be in the bad books.


33 also decided to add what looked like some kind of root to the nest; however, it did not seem to go to plan.

The root looks like it might be a little stuck on Maya’s back! 33 tries to help but in the end Maya has to sort herself out while 33 looks a bit sheepish.

After sitting with the root for a while she eventually manages to get it off completely. Let’s hope 33 makes it up to her by bringing in a nice fish for dinner.