Ospreys in action in the bay – by Libby Smith

Our live camera footage will often show an empty nest, but the following clips will show the osprey chicks, Maya and 33 through the day – be reassured they’re still in Manton Bay!
057 lands on the nest, lots of calling, probably food begging.

Later on Maya lands on the nest platform, she’s mantling and calling probably in response to a possible intruder, but she eventually settles down.

054 then sweeps in over the bay to visit the nest

and in the afternoon 055 arrives at the nest closely folllowed by 33 with a fish which 055 immediately takes and tucks into, meanwhile 056 arrives, but is unable to get a look in!

One response to “Ospreys in action in the bay – by Libby Smith”

  1. Lin

    Thank you so much Libby for the mini updates – it’s always good to have the little ‘extras’
    Lin xx