3J’s first day on the wing

After 3J’s maiden flight yesterday she spent the best part of seven hours sitting 80ft up a tree, but when 5R returned with a fish it wasn’t long before all three chicks were back on the nest. Both 1J and 3J have been making regular flights around the bay today, it’s wonderful to see how 3J’s confidence has grown in just 24 hours. John was there to witness the moment she took to the air for the very first time, here are some of his photos.

3J helicoptering

3J landing on the french perch

3J leaving the nest for the very first time

3J first flight and 5R sitting in the tree watching

3J’s first flight

3J in poplar trees

Close up of 3J landing

3J at the top of poplar after first flight

2 responses to “3J’s first day on the wing”

  1. Andy, London UK

    Fantastic, I was fretting over her and here is the story laid out. Let’s hope 2J catches the next breeze.

  2. paula moore

    We were lucky enough to be there and see it all happen first hand!