5R is home

It’s a beautiful spring morning in Rutland today; just the sort of morning you would expect to see an Osprey. And guess what, we’ve got one back!

At 7:40 this morning, Monica, one of the regulars at Lyndon phoned to say there was an Osprey on the Manton Bay nest. Paul Stammers and I rushed down to the hide. By the time we got there, it had taken off and was fishing close to Lax Hill. It was definitely a male, but too distant to see if it it was ringed. It then disappeared off to the east, leaving us to wonder who it was. Ten minutes later it re-appeared, carrying a small Pike. It headed straight for Manton Bay and landed on one of the T perches close to the nest. I could hardly contain my excitement as I focussed my scope. Initially I couldn’t see the bird’s right leg, but then it moved the fish and I could see a green ring on its right leg. It was 5R! He is back a week earlier that last year; and clearly very intent on adding to the tally of six chicks he has raised at the nest in the past two summers. Another Osprey season has begun! We now have a high definition camera on the nest, which will be streamed onto the webiste as soon as possible. In the meantime here’s a short clip of 5R on the nest a few minutes ago. He certainly looks in fine fettle.