5R – the nest defender

As we reported a few days ago, intruding Ospreys are becoming a regular sight in Manton Bay. Sometimes they pass overhead, paying little attention to the nest, but on other occasions they are far more persistent. A good example came earlier this week when four year-old female, 00(09), attempted to land on the nest. Having failed to find a mate this spring, 00 is likely to have been wandering over a large area – perhaps as far as Wales or northern England, but she continues to be drawn back to Rutland on a regular basis. John was in the hide to see her latest visit and took this great series of photos…

00(09) (top right) makes a bee-line for the nest

5R(04) (top left) takes off to defend the nest

5R (top bird) attempts to drive the intruding female away, while his mate looks on from the nest

It is not only intruding Ospreys that 5R will see off. As John’s photos of 5R and a Shelduck that dared to encroach too close to the nest show, not much is safe! Each year a small number of Shelducks breed on the reserve – and we already have one pair with chicks in Manton Bay.

5R sees off the Shelduck