9F goes exploring

Over the past few weeks it has been noticeable that 8F is the more- advanced of the two Manton Bay chicks. He is often absent from the bay for several hours at a time; exploring the Rutland countryside and building-up his knowledge of the local area. 9F, on the other hand, has been more of a stay-at-home kind of a girl; venturing away from the bay less often than her brother. Today, though, the roles have been reversed. 9F was absent for over five hours, before returning to the nest a short while ago. We don’t know how far her travels took her, but there is every likelihood that she ventured several miles away. A juvenile who intruded at Site B before being chased off by 03(97) was almost certainly her and, if the Lake District’s satellite-tagged juvenile is anything to go by, she probably went further than that. Number 13 has been making flights of up to seven miles from the Bassenthwaite nest.

Eventually the young female would have become hungry, prompting her to return to the nest. And she didn’t have to wait long for a meal on her return; here’s a video of her tucking into the remains of a fish that 5R gave her as a welcome home gift.