9F sits tight

Once young Ospreys have flown for the first time there is usually no stopping them. Having plucked up the courage to finally leave the nest, they grow in confidence very quickly; making numerous short flights to and from the nest. That’s exactly what 9F did yesterday morning. She made 10-15 flights, becoming more and more adventurous over the space of a couple of hours. That all came to an abrupt end, though, when her father eventually returned to the nest. Whenever she took to the air, he chased her incredibly aggressively, forcing her to return to the nest or nearby perches. To catch up on yesterday’s events, click here.

We hoped that 5R would tire of this strange behaviour today, and allow his daughter to take to the air again. Unfortunately though, it would seem that yesterday’s events have made the young female understandably reluctant to leave the safety of the nest. As you’ll know if you’ve been watching the webcam, she’s been perched on the nest for most of the day. In fact she’s only flown three times – and it was significant that when she did finally leave the nest, it was when 5R was away fishing. It will be very interesting to see how things develop tomorrow – let’s hope that the young female is allowed to enjoy her new-found freedom.

The one other significant thing to report today is that the adult female caught her first fish of the season. Once her young were flying last year she began supplementing 5R’s catches with some of her own and it would seem that she is intent on doing the same this year. This has at least meant that, whilst 9F hasn’t had much flying practice today, she has been well fed.

9F (left) enjoying the sun on the Manton Bay nest with her brother