9F stays but 3F goes

If you’ve had a look at the webcam today, then the chances are you’ll have seen 9F. The young female has spent nearly all day on the nest – either eating or food-begging. Early this morning her mother delivered a large trout to the nest, and 9F eagerly tucked in for a couple of hours. Eventually the adult female wanted her share – after all, she caught the fish in the first place – and flew to the nest. By now 9F’s crop was completely full, but she made her mother wait another half an hour before eventually relinquishing the fish.

9F’s sedentary behaviour contrasts greatly with that of her brother before he set out on migration last week. It is not unusual for this to be the case though – there is usually one chick at each nest that lingers longer than its siblings. This has been the case at Site B, where 3F remained until Thursday this week. Having watched her siblings depart ten days previously, 3F seemed reluctant to leave. By Thursday morning, though, it was clear that her father, 03(97), had grown tired of waiting and had left her alone at the nest. That seemed to be the spur she needed to begin her journey and at 10:30am she flew off south, not to be seen again. I wonder how long it will be before 9F follows suit?

The last photo of 03(97) before he set out on migration

3F departing south at 10:40am on Thursday

The last view of 3F as she headed south

2 responses to “9F stays but 3F goes”

  1. Frederic BACUEZ

    Hello Tim,

    Please have a look on my blog:

    … and then ask to John seeing his senegalese pics !

    nota: last four months in the french Alps with my neww… EOS7D and his ‘english’ 400mm… Next weeks in Sri-Lanka. And then, wintering in Senegal…

    Regards. Fred.

    1. Tim

      Hi Fred,

      Great to hear from you. I’ll make sure John sees the photos. We’re coming back to Senegal in January – I will email you in the next few days. Would be great to see you again!

      Have a great time in Sri Lanka.

      Best wishes