A cold wind

What a difference a week makes. This time last week we were basking in glorius spring sunshine. This week we are shivering in a cold north-easterly wind. I suppose that’s Britain for you!

The strong wind has certainly made life a bit more tricky for 5R. This time last week he was catching numerous pike without having to venture more than a few hundred metres from the nest but the recent strong winds have now stirred up silt in Manton Bay making fish far more difficult to see. As a result 5R has often been absent for several hours at a time as he searches for fish. For instance he’s just got one small fish to show for four hours of fishing today. He’s made several trips east towards the dam but returned empty handed each time. The strong winds are forecast to continue for a few more days, so no easy fishing for 5R this weekend we suspect.

Elsewhere 03(08) has laid her second egg at her nest at Cors Dyfi in Wales. Fingers crossed for a third!

One response to “A cold wind”

  1. elise tear

    glad to know shes laid her second egg 🙂