A cracking day at Manton Bay

Today marks day 37 of incubation, the day that chicks often hatch, so when Information Officer Paul Stammers arrived at the centre this morning he was very excited – would today be the day…?

…Yes it would! Just a few minutes ago we got the first view of our fully hatched chick. Volunteer Chris was in Waderscrape hide this morning when he noticed the first sign of hatching – a tiny hole in one of the eggs. Paul managed to capture the moment on the webcam.

Maya with the eggs – can you spot the hole created by the osprey chick’s egg tooth on the far left egg?

We were then in for a tense wait, as Maya settled back down on the eggs, restlessly shuffling backwards and forwards, but never giving us a very good view of the eggs underneath her. Finally, just before the centre was about to close for the day, we got our first glimpse of the freshly hatched chick – the first osprey chick to hatch in the UK this year as far as we know!

The first chick!

Shortly after this capture, Maya and 33 returned to the nest and we got a good view of the whole family.

Maya, 33, and chick number 1

The weather has been fantastic here in Rutland today, a wonderful day for a chick to hatch, and it looks like it should remain lovely for the next few days too, which is great news for the next 2 eggs. Exciting times ahead!

We’ve also had some moth-trapping going on at the reserve today – our volunteer moth recorders caught 24 moths of 11 species. Paul Stammers captured some photos of the moths, before they were released by young visitors to the centre this morning.

Waved umber moth

Swallow prominent moth

Purple thorn moth

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  1. BillHunt53

    Welcome to Rutland little one!

  2. BillHunt53

    And..welcome no.2 what a wonderful weekend at Rutland!