A day in the life..

A few updates on our now very crammed Manton Bay nest! Maya had been sat with the chicks all night, but they are getting so big now she’s struggling to keep them all under her wing! 

As the morning warmed up and the chicks started demanding more food, 33 and Maya were working hard to keep the fish supply coming in, with all of the chicks feeding well. The fourth and smallest chick seems to be catching up with its siblings now thankfully!

And Maya even had to break off feeding the chicks when the weather changed, she’s such a good mom, covering her brood with her waterproof wings to keep them nice and dry!






4 responses to “A day in the life..”

  1. Jackie Piper

    Thanks for this wonderful update – I’m keeping my eye on the family at various points during the day – but its great to see different videos and to hear that they are all doing so well (especially number 4!) Such fabulous parents. I’m in awe of them both.

  2. G Jeffery

    thanks for the video clips marie, its great to see what they have been up to when I get in from work. Its amazing just how quickly they grow. They all look to be making good progress.

  3. Bill Hunt

    Super mum Maya…..she never let’s us down! 33 keeps fishing and Maya keeps feeding…..dream team!

  4. Bill Hunt

    What a difference 2 days can make! The babies are looking much more.like little ospreys now. Feathers beginning to pop out of the quills. Maya and 33 are clearly doing a magnificent job of keeping all 4 babies well fed!