A fair point

The end of the season is drawing inexorably closer, and it won’t be all that long before the three Manton Bay juveniles, and the other 12 from surrounding nests, will be leaving us. Last season, the first juvenile from Manton Bay left on 29th August, so if they leave at a similar time this year, they’ll still be here for Birdfair!

Birdfair begins on 19th August, and continues through to 21st. The Osprey Project will certainly be a presence there – come and see us in OD4! The Project staff will be in the Events Marquee on Friday 19th August at 10am, showcasing 20 years of the Osprey Project, from the first translocation to the present day. Incorporating some excellent photographs by John Wright, video clips of the nest and even a little bit of music, it is not to be missed!

Click here for more information about the Birdfair, including several opportunities to attend osprey cruises with celebrities!

There are only a few chances left to come on an osprey cruise this season! We only have four more! As the ospreys will leave at the end of August, so the cruises will cease. This season, cruises have been fantastic, with excellent views of ospreys flying by and attempting to catch fish. Even on Wednesday this week, with the galeforce winds, we still had great views of ospreys as they struggled to catch fish in the choppy water.

Now that there are 15 juveniles on the wing who are becoming increasingly adventurous, we stand a chance of seeing them on the cruises as well as the adults! Also, the adult females have now begun to fish again, so we could see them too!

Click the links below to book your place before it’s too late! Alternatively, call 01572 737378 to book over the phone.

Sunday 7th August (our LAST dawn cruise!)

Wednesday 10th August

Saturday 13th August

Saturday 27th August


33 with Pike

Sunrise over the Rutland Belle