A first time visitor

There has been great excitement at Lyndon this afternoon with another Rutland bird arriving back, the first since 12(10) arrived back on 27th April. This time it was 24(10).

24(10) landing on the nest alongside the Manton Bay female

24(10) is a female bird who fledged from Rutland in 2010. Last year, as a two year old, she was seen at Arlington Reservoir in East Sussex but never made a visit back home to Rutland. Earlier this spring she was spotted in north Wales and we wondered if we would see her at some point this summer. The fact that she has returned back to the area she fledged from suggests that perhaps she is ready to breed. Although it almost certainly too late for her to breed this year she will be getting an idea of what other birds are around an perhaps eyeing up a potential nest site & mate for the future.

With 5R(04) away from the nest the Manton Bay female did all she could to protect her nest and see off the intruder. 24(10) did however land on the nest and we recorded this video of her.

All was back to normal quite quickly however as 5R returned and took over incubation, whilst the female ensured the new arrival had definitely gone.

We’ll just have to wait and see what she does next!

One response to “A first time visitor”

  1. Mike Simmonds

    Good to know that she is still around. I have posted a link on the Sussex Ornithological Site for info of those involved last year. Mike S.