A friend from across the pond

Since the season began we have been amazed to see that up to 5000 people have been watching the Manton Bay webcam everyday from all over the world. Every now and again we are lucky to be visited by a webcam follower from another continent and over the weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Anni Feeney from California. This is what Anni had to say about the Manton Bay nest…

I was first introduced to the Osprey Project last year, in May of 2011, by my Mother and Father in Law.  We visited the Center several times while I was here on holiday with my fiance’.  At that time, I was told about the webcam and that I could follow the progress of the babies from home.  We travel to England every year from Lancaster, California.  As soon as I returned home last year, I brought it up on my home and work computers and have it saved to the desktop so I can click right in as soon as the machine is powered up !  I watched everyday last year until the babies fledged.
It has become quite the conversation piece at work!  I put it on full screen and keep the monitor turned outward so that all of our customers can watch as well !  I work at a caravan dealership, All Valley RV Center, in Acton, CA; and, everyone seems to truly enjoy watching with me.  I have also given the webcam info to countless customers who come into our store.  When the first egg hatched this year, I ran around like a little child telling everyone that there was a baby in the nest !!!
I truly enjoy watching the babies as they grow.  I watch everyday, and will continue to watch as long as the camera will let me.
Thank you, and all of the staff, for providing hours upon hours of wonderful and knowledgable entertainment for me and so many others.  Projects such as the Ospreys introduce nature to so many people who may not otherwise have learned of these beautiful birds.
Keep up the good work !!!!!

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  1. Irene wilson

    My daughter lives on Ox Bow Lake Michigan USA and has also has been following the web cam. We regularly message each other with comments and updates of what we have seen. She and her partner are keen on preserving bird life and build nest boxes and provide food. And when I was there last year I sat one morning looking out on the lake and an Osprey came in and circled around their bay, dived in the water and came out, shook his feathers and flew off. It was so thrilling to see.