A Grand Season Finale…

Following the departure of our last two Ospreys a few days ago the quietness in Manton Bay sadly marks the end of the season. The last six months have been truly amazing. All that we have achieved this year just wouldn’t be possible without our many volunteers, who have dedicated over 8500 hours of their valuable time to monitor nests and talk to visitors about Ospreys, particularly the antics of the Manton Bay family. This is incredible and we thank you!

On Sunday evening we held our end of season party so we could all get together and celebrate the achievements of the 2011 season. The fish and chip van made it’s annual appearance and the turnout was fantastic! Everyone enjoyed listening to Tim as he recaptured the events of the season, the highs and the lows, and the exciting journeys of the satellite tagged Ospreys.

A brilliant evening! We all enjoyed the entertainment and when it was time to leave no one felt an end of season sadness, instead we are all excited for the coming months. We will follow the every move of our two satellite tagged males on their wintering grounds as we begin the long wait for the return of the Rutland Ospreys next spring.

2 responses to “A Grand Season Finale…”

  1. barry potter

    have enjoyed all the postings and was thrilled to be there when the first egg was laid at manton bay

  2. Lynne

    Rutland project. thank you so much for all your work with the osprey. I have not been able to visit this year but have to have my daily ‘fix’ reading the news bulletins and watching the webcam. What joy to be able to continue to track AW and 09 in Africa through the autumn., learn about the migration routes and to discovery even more volunteers monitoring birds of prey (and others) across the mountains. Already looking forward to next year.