A gusty wind and mystery solved

As I sat shivering in Shallow Water hide this morning, I though is it really June? Today’s chilly wind certainly hasn’t made it feel like it. That said there were juvenile Sand Martins perched on the wire fence in front of the hide, a family of Shelducks and of course the ever-growing Osprey chicks to remind us all that summer is here…honest!

The wind and occasional heavy rain showers have made fishing difficult for 5R, but he’s overcome the elements to catch two fish for his family so far today. The weather has made life awkward for his mate too; she’s been trying to protect her offspring from the worst of the rain, but, as this video shows, that’s not very easy now they’re as big as they are!

In recent days some of you have asked about the annoying black blobs on the camera. Well, we now have footage of the culprit: a spider. The black blobs are flies that have been caught in its web. Fortunately the spider now appears to have polished them all off!

One response to “A gusty wind and mystery solved”

  1. Andy, London UK

    This is great, been watching the chicks help Mum repair the nest with fresh twigs she just fetched. The standing-up thing seems to coincide with shooting a squit clear out of the nest, there seems to be that conscious intent to keep the house clean. Isn’t their behaviour interesting? One wonders where innate stops and learned begins.