A hat trick!

All three Manton Bay chicks are in the air!

2J made his first flight early this morning. After leaving the nest he spent a few minutes in the air exploring his new found talent before perching in the poplar trees on the other side of Manton Bay, close to where 3J first landed when she fledged on Saturday.

Throughout the day all three youngsters, and their parents, have been on and off the nest almost constantly. This video show 2J and 3J in the nest with 5R as 1J comes in to land on the French perch.

It has been a week of firsts so far for the Rutland Osprey Project. Yesterday we saw all three site B chicks take to the air on the same day, and today not to be outdone by his father, 5R caught a Tench. A fish we have never seen a Rutland Osprey catch before, they are a medium sized bottom feeding fish, green in colour with reddish eyes. They are notoriously slippery customers and having eaten the head end himself 5R lost his grip and his catch back into the waters below.