A healthy chick at Site B

With no siblings to compete for food with, the chick at Site B looks in great condition. We were able to confirm this when we ringed it on Saturday morning. As usual local tree surgeon Mark Ashman kindly offered his services; the tree is too dangerous to climb, but Mark’s cherry picker is just the job for reaching the nest with ease.

Mark Ashman in his cherry picker. Can you see an Osprey above him?


Once Mark had fetched the chick from the nest, Tim Appleton ringed it with a blue colour ring on its right leg – number 33. The youngster’s relatively small head and thin bill suggests he is a male. He weighed 1500g – an excellent weight for a young male.  Many thanks to Mark for his help with the ringing. If you live in the Rutland area and need some tree surgery work done, then Mark is your man. Check out his website for more.

33 with his new blue ring

One response to “A healthy chick at Site B”

  1. Lynette Foster

    fantastic news and glad the ringing went well