A jumping Pike!

5R has kept the chicks well fed with fish today – catching a Roach and two Pike since 9am. Not only that but he caught all three within sight of Waderscrape hide. The newly-hatched chick seems to be doing very well and like its older brother or sister (we won’t know which for several weeks), it seems to have grown stronger almost by the minute.

Unlike earlier in the season, 5R has flown straight to the nest with eat catch today – meaning that the fish have been alive and kicking on the nest. This isn’t usually a problem, but look what happened when he delivered the first of the Pike to the nest this morning. As soon as he took his foot off the fish it kicked in a last desperate attempt at freedom, propelled itself into the air and landed slap bang on top of the chicks!

Fortunately neither chick was hurt, but it took 5R and his mate several minutes to work out what to do. Eventually the female freed the chicks by dragging the fish to the side of the nest. What a relief!

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    brilliant to see and watch amazing thankyou for sharing