A little more action

There have been a fair few fish deliveries to the Manton Bay nest lately, which seems to be the only time the ospreys are on the nest! 33 delivered a lovely large trout last night at 20:44, and even though both of the juveniles were present on the nest waiting, it was 2AN who was first in line for the fish, as you would expect! She was a bit overexcited when she reached for it though, and grabbed onto poor 33’s foot instead – again!

33 with fish 0844

2AM got his chance to eat some of it a bit later, when 2AN had finished. There was still a lot left, as it was a big ‘un!

2AM gets fish 2115


After 2AM had had his fill, the fish was ignored and the rest of it was left on the nest overnight. None of the ospreys came back to the nest all night, and the fish lay untouched until Maya came and took it away at 04:22 this morning.

Today’s first fish was a roach which was delivered to the nest at 09:44. Again, it was 2AN who got this first, but at least she managed not to bite 33’s foot this time!

Fish 0944 Nice roach 0944

33 came back to take the roach away at 10:21, and he held on to it and kept it to himself for the rest of the day!

33 taking off with roach

What a lovely sunrise this morning, with 2AN silhouetted on the nest!