A lunchtime choice for the Manton chicks

We’ve had the first bit of rain for a while in Rutland today, but its not deterred 5R. He’s delivered a Bream and two large Pike to the nest, meaning the chicks have been well-fed once again. In fact at one point this morning the female had a choice of two different fish. Should she go for the tail end of a Bream, or the Pike 5R had just brought in? As the video shows, she opted for the Bream first and saved the Pike for later.

As we keep saying, the chicks are getting noticeably bigger each day and are also becoming more and more mobile. Whereas a few days ago they were confined to the middle of the nest, they’re not starting to move around more freely, albeit a bit clumsily. In this video the smaller of the two chicks manages to wriggle out from underneath a stick that it’s mother had accidentally dropped on its back! To see the latest from the Manton Bay nest, check out our live stream.

Elsewhere, there’s very mixed news from the Dyfi Osprey Project. We were delighted to hear that the third chick hatched earlier this afternoon, but then extremely saddened to learn a few minutes ago that, after a day of very wet weather, the eldest of the three chicks died this afternoon. We have been following the progress of the Dyfi nest especially closely because the breeding female, Nora, fledged from the Site B nest in Rutland in 2008 and bred for the first time last year; becoming a star of BBC Springwatch at the same time. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the remining two chicks survive the very wet weather. To see the latest from the nest follow this link to see their fantastic live stream .

One response to “A lunchtime choice for the Manton chicks”

  1. karen

    So sorry to hear the sad news from Dyfi and keeping everything crossed for the other two chicks.
    On a happier note I am delighted to see the Manton Bay family looking so hale and hearty. The chicks are growing well, noticeably so since I haven’t been able to look in for a couple of days. 5R and his mate are doing a grand job!