A Manton Bay hat-trick

Our prediction was correct; we switched the Manton Bay camera on at 6am this morning to find that the third chick had hatched overnight! It was still very weak, and our best guess is that it didn’t emerge out of the shell until around 5am. Here’s the moment we saw all three chicks together for the first time. There is a small Perch on the side of the nest, so the youngest memeber of the fmaily should get its first meal this morning.

It will have been a restless night for the chicks’ mother and she’s been snoozing on the nest on and off for the past hour or so. We’ll update you with more news later in the day, but in the meantime, you can watch it all on the webcam.

5 responses to “A Manton Bay hat-trick”

  1. Mandy shields

    I’m hooked introduced to the ospreys via webcam by one volunteers I met recently so thrilled to see these chicks and looking forward to watching there progress as thet grow up

  2. Mike Simmonds

    Great news Tim. Managed to catch the first glimpse too when the camera came on.

  3. Helen

    Congratulations to the team.
    How do cchicks in an egg get oxygen? Is the shell porous in some way?

    1. Tim

      Thanks Helen. Yes you’re right – the eggshell is porous.


    Fantastic news and brilliant pictures from the webcam, thanks to all the team at Rutland for the very informative updates.