A Manton Bay hat-trick!

If you have been watching the webcam today, you’ll know that the third egg hatched in the Manton Bay nest shortly after 7am. 45 minutes later 5R arrived at the nest with a hefty roach and the new arrival had its first feed. If you didn’t see it live, here is what happened. As you will see the chick was somewhat wobbly compared to its two older siblings, but as the day progressed, it soon got the hang of things.

5 responses to “A Manton Bay hat-trick!”

  1. Elizabeth Boughey

    Thanks for the coverage, Ive been totally hooked!!

  2. John Cheney

    Congratulations, what a wonderful sight, thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Hilary Brewer

    Huge thanks!.Since visiting rutland 2 weeks ago both myself and my boyfriend plus now all my colleagues at work have been rooted to the live webcam.It really is a pleasure and a priviledge,to see these birds close up.Many thanks to the volunteers.

  4. Steph

    Clever dad , love the way mum steps back to survey her brood….well done all of you who protect these nests.

  5. les turner

    wonderful views from the hides,a very helpful dedicated team of volunteers,enjoyed our visit,also the yellow wagtails and garden warblers