A new arrival!

We had some fantastic news this morning! The first 2012 Rutland Osprey chick has returned to England! It is 8F(12), a male Osprey who hatched and fledged from the Manton Bay nest. He was one of two chicks from Manton Bay that year, his sibling was a female, 9F(12).

8F(12) was spotted early this morning at Hanningfield Reservoir in Chelmsford by David Low. This is only 87 miles from Rutland Water, as the crow (or Osprey) flies, so we are hoping to see 8F here soon, possibly today!

What exciting news! Ospreys generally return to the country of their birth for the first time when they are two years old, and we were hoping to see some 2012 chicks back this year. Generally, two-year-old Ospreys return later in the season, in late May or June. The earliest we have ever seen a two-year-old return was 28 April. That particular bird actually bred that year, but this is highly unusual, it is more common for birds that young to spend the summer exploring their natal area and further afield, in the hope of finding a nest and a mate in time for the following year.

We now have three birds from the Manton Bay nest that have returned to England. We hope that 8F makes his way to Rutland soon and drops in on the Bay!


8F with 5R before leaving yesterday morning

8F(12) in August 2012, sitting with his Dad



8 responses to “A new arrival!”

  1. Dolly Cox

    Fantastic, just delighted for you all.

  2. Angela Millie

    What wonderful news! I remember them hatching. I had only just been told about the Rutland Osprey project and was watching the webcam constantly. I wonder if 8F(12) will come and visit his mother!

  3. Cirrus

    Oh, clap clap clap clap clap ! What a Blog of rejoicing – how encouraging for you all . I am overjoyed myself !

  4. Joyce

    I am thrilled to hear! What a journey all these birds make each year and to have one return to the area (and hopefully the Bay) is extra special. I will be waiting with anticipation to see a picture and/or video of his arrival!!!

  5. Sally Bell

    What lovely news. I hope his sister makes it too after her difficult relationship after she crashed into her father just after fledging!

  6. Patricia Selman

    What a fantastic and happy-making news Yet another success story Well done all, human and osprey alike and a fitting tribute to the never to be forgotten 5R

  7. Ginni

    This is exciting news!

  8. Karen Elizabeth

    How wonderful. I was there when all the drama happened with his sister. Wouldn’t it be wonderful of she turned up as well? I feel quite emotional and have shed a happy tear at 8F’s return. Welcome home special bird and congratulations to you all at osprey HQ 🙂