A new arrival…

There has been huge excitement today as the first 2010 fledged osprey arrived back in Rutland.

We were first alerted that there might be an intruding Osprey in the bay by the behaviour of both parents in the nest. A quick call down to Peter and Diane in Waderscrape hide confirmed our suspicions, and shortly after they were able to identify it by its ring number as it landed on the dead tree in Manton Bay. We quickly dug out the ringing records which show that it is a male bird who fledged from the Site B nest in 2010 – another of 03(97)’s offspring.

So welcome home 28(10)!

In this clip you can see 5R in the nest joined shortly after by the Manton Bay female as they fend of the intruder.

One response to “A new arrival…”

  1. Mike Simmonds

    Great news.