A New Season

Despite the Arctic conditions of last week, spring is well on its way. At Lyndon this means one thing, ospreys! 

Everyone here at Lyndon has been very busy setting up, ready for the new season. Lloyd Park and Dave Cole spent a few very cold days setting up the webcams in Manton Bay, they have done a great job getting the cameras just right! I can now announce the webcams are  streaming live onto the website! So far we have only had visits from some Egyptian geese and a curious cormorant. Hopefully, in the next few weeks this will be Maya and 33(11), our Manton Bay pair. 

First visitor on the Manton Bay webcam

Paul Stammers our returning Information Officer braved the snow last week to start setting up the centre, which is now restocked and ready for our opening on Saturday 10th March. Even though there won’t be any ospreys just yet,  it would be great to see some of you there.   

The tracked osprey 30(05) has had the right idea and is still in the same spot on the beach in Senegal. Currently she is not traveling any great distances, only a couple of kilometers out to sea; hopefully she is saving her strength for the long migration ahead. We will be posting regular updates on 30 (05) migration in the next few weeks, to help celebrate World Osprey Week (WOW)

30(05) still on the beach.

We are very much looking forward to this new osprey season and hope you are too! Fingers crossed we’ll have a great year, with lots of ospreys!