A nice surprise!

Would you believe that after over 12 hours spent waiting on tenterhooks for the first Manton Bay chick to hatch, the second has come along in a matter of minutes this afternoon.

The second Manton Bay chick hatching

Often when the chicks hatch there is a few days between them, the same as the laying of the eggs so we were a little bit surprised, albeit pleasantly so, to see the arrival of the second chick so soon after the first.

We noticed the egg tooth poking through the shell and within a few minutes it was fully hatched; with a little help from the Manton Bay female. Here is a sequence of clips from the hatching.

It will be a few hours before the youngest chick is ready to feed but meanwhile the older of the two has been eating well on the roach which was brought in by 5R earlier today.

7 responses to “A nice surprise!”

  1. Helen

    What a brilliant day. Cannot quite believe my luck today. Was watching at 6 this am and again when the second chick popped out


    What superb images my computer will be permanently on during the day! may the youngsters they thrive.


    Congratulation to all at the Rutland Osprey Project on the birth of your second osprey chick in a matter of hours. What a fantastic surprise!

  4. Mike Simmonds

    Lizzie,a great day for Rutland.

  5. L.keirby

    Fantastic, what a great success for the team, such a treat that we are able to watch the magic unfold, well done everyone.

  6. Margaret


  7. Jenny Jackson

    Brilliant congratulations Team -we waited with you Manton on Sat pm -sorry to have missed it but will stay glued to screen 🙂