A peaceful, easy feeling

It was a beautiful day today, the perfect day to spend some quality time watching Maya and 33(11) in Manton Bay. The opportunity arose this morning for Paul and I to split a shift in Waderscrape hide. It was lovely to spend some time down there. Both Ospreys were present in the Bay when I arrived, 33(11) was on the leaning perch and Maya was on the T-perch eating the remains of a fish. After she had finished, she gracefully took off from her perch and drifted on her huge wings down to the water, where she flew along dragging her feet through it to wash off the fish scales.

A little while later, I spotted another Osprey flying high above the Bay. It was too high to identify, unfortunately. Maya rose up to join it in the air, though she did not show much animosity towards it. They flew above the Bay for a few minutes, wheeling serenely in large loops, then disappeared. 33(11) continued to sit on his perch for a while, then he decided to follow his partner. They both arrived back about fifteen minutes later, and sat together on the T-perch. 

Manton Bay is truly beautiful, and it was lovely and peaceful down there this morning. The Reed Buntings were singing, Common Terns were flying elegantly by, a Grey Heron and a Little Egret were sitting together happily co-existing. I met some lovely, enthusiastic people, too. There was quite a bit of Osprey action, but even when they don’t do very much Ospreys are still amazing to watch! I could do it all day, but I had to go back to the Centre and hand over the remainder of the morning watch to Paul.

Below is a video of 33(11) bringing in the fish that Maya was eating this morning. When we turned on the camera first thing, she was on the nest food begging. Not long later, her behaviour indicated food was on its way, so we pressed record, and in he flew! Just the one fish today, but it was a much bigger one than the three he caught yesterday!


Maya food begging

33(11) delivering the fish

33(11) delivering the fish