A Poole full of Ospreys

We had some great news yesterday! A phone call from Tim Mackrill is always nice, but it’s especially so when he informs us that one of our two-year-old ospreys has been spotted down south with the newly released Poole Harbour juveniles! Tim wanted to check he was right about the bird’s identity, and indeed he was. CJ7 is a female osprey who fledged from one of the several off-site nests at Rutland Water in 2015!

CJ7 turned up at Poole Harbour yesterday afternoon, joining the juveniles on the saltmarsh. She then landed next to one of them on a T-perch. Tim says CJ7 was nervous at first but then settled down and spent the rest of the afternoon with the Poole Harbour juveniles.

Back in 2005, when there was another translocation of ospreys to Rutland Water, some unusual behaviour was witnessed when an unringed adult female osprey was seen feeding the newly-fledged juveniles! It was thought maybe CJ7 would do the same thing with the juveniles in Poole, and she’s still around the area so it could happen!

It’s wonderful news that another Rutland bird has made it back to the UK! CJ7 has not been seen in Rutland since her migration in autumn 2015, but perhaps she will make her way here next?

Thank you to Tim Mackrill, the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation and Birds of Poole Harbour for the information and the following photographs.



CJ7 perched next to one of the juveniles

CJ7 (left) perched next to one of the juveniles