A quackers intrusion at Manton Bay

Our ospreys have continued to keep busy collecting nesting material, mating, and 33 has of course been catching fish! He caught this huge pike late yesteray afternoon. Maya had a go at taking it off him when he bought it to the nest, but he hadn’t had his share yet, so flew to the perch to eat it leaving Maya looking a bit despondent!

Of course after about half an hour, after eating the head he bought the rest of the fish back for Maya to eat.

We’ve also had some interest from intruders – and not only other ospreys! Early this morning at around half 5, a female mallard took a shot at landing on the nest – from this ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ video it seems that our ospreys were keeping watch from the perch above the camera, and were able to quickly chase the duck away!

The ospreys could also be seen mantling later in the morning, and our volunteers in Waderscrape hide reported another osprey flying above them, however the intruder didn’t come close enough to capture on the webcam so its identity remains a mystery.

It was great to see 33 bring another fish back later in the day, and we caught Maya on video finishing the last of it this afternoon – look at the tail disappear as she gulps it back!

We thought we might possibly see the first egg today, but as of yet there is no sign of one. Keep your eyes on the webcam as we are sure it won’t be long now, or come at visit us at the Lyndon Centre to see the action for yourself!