A Rainy Day

Each  day the chicks appear to multiply in size, it seems mad that they are almost a month old. This week they are finally starting to look like little ospreys, with the brown buff feathers beginning to protrude from their backs.

Do they know we’re watching

They are also starting to become more active around the nest; however, they do still spend most of their time asleep.

sleeping chicks

You may have noticed that the lower camera is blocked out at the moment; this could be one of the explanations of how it happened:

The weather this week has really turned out for the worst and over the next few days it is only going to deteriorate; so far Maya had done a great job of protecting the chicks and 33 seems to be able to fish in any weather. Let’s hope they both keep up the good work and that the sun makes a return before spring is over!

33 with dinner

Maya protecting the chicks from the rain