A rainy day

A very wet day in the Bay today! The Manton Bay pair have been sitting around on the various perches for most of the day, occasionally visiting the nest, but not for long periods. A couple of intruding Ospreys came through the Bay, providing some great viewing of at least three, sometimes four Ospreys flying close to the hides!

33(11) caught a fish early this morning, and there were reports of a successful mating attempt, so all is going quite well, apart from the incessant rain! But the rain does make the air smell lovely!

Luckily for us, our Field Officer John Wright is a superb photographer, and he has provided some more amazing photographs of the action in Manton Bay over the last couple of days. This includes a lot of nest building, some pellet regurgitation, and an intrusion by male Osprey 30(10), who is Maya’s son from four years ago!

Male Osprey 30(10) intruding

Male Osprey 30(10) intruding

33(11) bringing another stick

33(11) bringing another stick


This stick caused a few issues later on

33(11) and Maya wrestling with the new stick

33(11) and Maya wrestling with the new stick

33(11) on his favourite perch on the dead tree

33(11) on his favourite perch in the dead tree

33(11) coughing up a pellet

33(11) coughing…

33(11) coughs up a pellet, see it just below the branch

…and up comes a pellet!

That's better

That’s better

Male 30(10) hovering above the female

Male 30(10) hovering above Maya

30(10) nearly lands on his mum

30(10) nearly lands on Maya

33(11) brings another stick

33(11) brings another stick


33(11) with the new stick

33(11) rearranging his nest

33(11) happily rearranging his nest




5 responses to “A rainy day”

  1. scylla

    Aah, I well remember those very sticks 😉 Many thanks to John for the beautiful photos, it’s wonderful to see beyond the limits of the nestcam.

    Just now (around 1630hr) Blue33 managed the second successful mating I’ve seen today – what are the odds for an egg this season?

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      Unfortunately we now believe it is too late for eggs at this nest this year, but we are hoping for great things next season!

  2. Karen Elizabeth

    Brilliant photos. Thanks John 🙂

  3. Jim Cuddihee

    Photographs of exceptional quality, really good. My wife and I enjoyed the accompanying comments. Keep it up. We visited in April so we are waiting for chicks.

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      Thank you very much. Unfortunately there will not be any chicks at this nest this year, as the eggs were rejected earlier in the season. There will still be Ospreys around in the Bay for the rest of the season though, so there is always something to see.