A Rainy Weekend

It is very quiet down in Manton Bay this afternoon, the rain from yesterday seems to have washed everything away. The young male 3AU from Manton Bay was last seen on Saturday, so it looks as though he has finally left for his migration; let’s hope he finds better weather.

Around Rutland many of the other ospreys are starting their own migrations; soon we will be writing about 30 our satellite tagged osprey and her migration. It is also the time of year when we start to get visits from Scottish birds, already embarked upon their migrations. Last week we had an unringed female on lagoon four with one of the Rutland males 6K, maybe making arrangements for next year.

Some ospreys are still in area including the adults from Manton Bay. Geoff Harries was down at Horn Mill Fish Farm in the photography hide last Saturday, and manged to get some amazing pictures of birds still fishing at the farm.

It’s a sad time on the project when everything starts to leave and it feels as though everything is ending, but for the ospreys that fledged from Rutland over the summer, this is just the beginning. They will have to navigate their way through unknown habitats, learn to fish in stormy seas or little lakes and try to establish their own territories. That’s all before they even start to think about breeding, it just proves how amazing these birds are!