A Sky Full of Ospreys

The osprey team have led 3 osprey cruises this week on board the Rutland Belle – one for the public on Wednesday, and two for the charity Warning Zone – and there’s still another public cruise to go tomorrow night! Luckily for our guests this is a great time of year to see ospreys at Rutland, with male birds busy collecting fish for their families and young birds beginning to stretch their wings too.
I was lucky enough to be on board last night, with volunteers Libby and Liz. We’d been on the water less than 5 minutes when we saw our first osprey, and after that it seemed to be wall to wall birds for the next hour or so.

51 making an appearance on a previous cruise
Photo Credit: Leon Kirkbride

We think that we probably saw 3, maybe 4, birds in total, making appearances again and again. The real highlight of the night was seeing an osprey diving to catch a fish not far from us as we sailed along the south arm. The bird did not seem phased by us on the Rutland Belle, or the 20 sailing boats nearby which had set out from the sailing club, catching a fish on his first attempt and flying it back to his family.

We still have a few tickets left for tomorrow nights cruise (Saturday 14th July) – please give us a call on 01572 770651 if you’d like to book a place, or to book online click here. It really is the perfect time of year to get out on the water, and our current weather makes the experience even better!