A sky full of Ospreys

As the summer has progressed, intruding, non-breeding Ospreys have become an increasingly common sight at the Manton Bay nest. Nothing, though, quite compares to yesterday when at least five different birds visited the nest. It made for some incredble viewing from Waderscrape and Shallow Water hides. It certainly bodes well for the future growth of the Rutland colony; these are all birds who should breed in the next few years.

John Wright was on hand yesterday to record the action with his camera. Here are some of his best shots.

Three year-old female 00(09)

Three year-old male, 01(09)

Three year-old male, 03(09)

Three year-old male, 06(09)

Two year-old female, 25(10)

Metal-ringed Scottish female (AW(06)’s mate)

The two Manton Bay juveniles watching 00(09) fly past