A slippery character

Yesterday at Rutland, at around half 7 in the morning, one of our volunteers walking on the reserve noticed 33 flying over the reservoir with an enormous trout – struggling with it’s huge mass, 33 was flying in a laboured fashion back towards Manton Bay. The volunteers monitoring the nest at Waderscrape also witnessed this huge fish as 33 eventually came in to land at the perch next to the nest. Unfortunately for us (and even more so for Maya!), we never saw it on the webcam as it was so gigantic and cumbersome that 33 dropped it before he could take it to the nest! Maya did not seem too impressed, and everytime 33 tried to take over incubating in the morning she stayed put, no matter how many sticks he bought in – Maya wanted a fish!
Luckily 33 didn’t take too long to get the hint, and at around half 3 in the afternoon he bought in a beautiful silver roach, which Maya gratefully recieved.

33 has been busy brining in some lovely big sticks to the nest too, although one large pronged stick caused both him and Maya some bother on Friday – being such an awkward shape, they just could not find a place for it to lay!

Whilst Maya and 33 are of course the stars of our show, we’ve also been seeing some other wildlife floating and flying in the background on the webcam – can you spot the other 2 species we get very fleeting views of in this video?

Finally, here are our lovely pair relaxing on the nest yesterday morning.

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  1. Mike Simmonds

    Thank you Holly.