A south coast summer?

If you read yesterdays blog post you will know that S1, one of Maya and 33’s 2015 chicks, has been spending his time in Dorset. Completely coincidentally, Field Officer John Wright was down in Dorset at the start of June and managed to capture this photo of S1 on a nest at RSPB Arne! It wasn’t possible for John to get closer to S1 at the time and he didn’t see the bird in flight, so S1 remained unidentified until yesterday, when Olly Slessor was able to read his leg ring. What is especially lovely is that John last saw S1 in Rutland on May 24th, and he was first seen in Dorset on May 25th – with 2 year olds often roaming far and wide, it is great to know there is not likely to be a gap in our knowledge of S1’s whereabouts.

S1 at Arne (John Wright)

S1 at Arne (John Wright)

This is not the first time a Rutland osprey has spent time near the south coast during the summer. As 2 year olds, both 1J(13) (a young S1 gets a mention in this blog post!) and 06(09) spent time in Hampshire at Fishlake Meadows, before eventually returning to Rutland after a few weeks. It will be interesting to see if S1 sticks around in Dorset, or if he too eventually returns to Rutland. The area around Poole Harbour would be perfect for breeding ospreys – will S1 stay in the area for the rest of the summer? Will he be able to attract a passing female? Will he return to the area next spring? It is all down to chance, but we know it is possible from Nora (a Rutland-fledged female) and Monty’s story at Dyfi! So we will wait and see. Exciting stuff!

There are just over 30 miles between Fishlake Meadows and RSPB Arne

There are just over 30 miles between Fishlake Meadows and RSPB Arne, as the osprey flies!

Meanwhile at Manton Bay it has been a quiet day for our birds, apart from a brief osprey intrusion over the nest this morning. 33 got a bit upset but Maya seemed to remain relaxed.

33 has so far caught 2 fish, a tiny one first thing followed by a good-sized roach later in the morning which lasted our family a good while.

Once again today our chicks have been unlucky victims of their parents clumsiness – this time 33 came in to land with a stick and stood on one chicks head! Happily the chick didn’t seem too phased by the episode and continued sleeping off its last meal.

That’s all for today!

3 responses to “A south coast summer?”

  1. Alison Copland

    I live in Dorset so it would be fantastic if we could get some breeding here. Come on S1! Good old 33 – he does make me laugh with his sticks.

  2. Michael G. Martin

    Dear Kayleigh and Holly and all of us Ospreyphiles
    With the Chicks growing by leaps and bounds it won’t be long before they fledge. But before that can happen they have to be tagged. At what age of the Chicks would that take place. And when it happens will the event be advertised so we all can witness this event. It would be lovely to see.


    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      Hi Mike, yes the chicks will be ringed soon, it happens at around five and a half weeks old so within the next week. The process is as quick and uncomplicated as possible in order to reduce stress on the birds, therefore we don’t film it or promote it as an event to the public. Best wishes, Kayleigh.