A spike in pike

It’s been another lovely day full of sunshine and fish, well, pike to be precise! The little ospreys are looking very healthy, and they have been relaxing together on the nest in the shade of Maya’s shadow, when they weren’t eating, of course. Maya always makes sure all the chicks are full before she stops feeding them, and often tries to continue feeding them when they’ve had enough! This morning, at about 10:30, 33 brought in a lovely fresh pike, which Maya immediately took from him and fed to the chicks.


33 watching Maya feed the chicks


Little chick getting its fill of pike


In the second video above, you can see that the smaller chick is at the front, getting most of the fish, and it is the largest chick that’s stuck at the back behind the others. This makes a change from the usual order of play, that the smallest chick is left until last. No matter which chick it is that gets left at the back, they will still get fed, as the ones in front will get full and stop eating, and Maya will feed the next one in line. It’s easy to tell that the one at the back is the oldest chick, as it’s noticeable that a black hue is beginning to come through the brown down on the back of its head. This change will occur gradually to all three of them over the next week, and the cute little fluffy brown chicks will turn darker and a bit gangly as their wings grow in length. Here’s a picture of what the chicks will look like soon:


Two week old chick, 2015


Later in the afternoon, 33 delivered another pike to the nest, and it was quite a monster! He seemed keen to keep it, and Maya was still feeding the rest of the other pike to the chicks, so he flew off with it. Pike seems to be 33’s fish of choice today! There are a lot of them around at the moment, as they spawn at this time of year to coincide with the increase in water temperature, and they venture into shallow water to do so. Consequently there are plenty of pike in Manton Bay, and they are very easy to catch!

33 with the pike

33 with the pike


33 brought the fish back a little later, minus its head, and Maya took it from him this time. The smallest chick got stuck in again, and one of the others was still fast asleep!

Big pike

Maya feeding the big pike to the chicks