A sudden departure

By 3pm yesterday there were no Ospreys left in Manton Bay but we felt sure that one of them could return later in the evening or even first this morning. I never thought that when we were stood outside the centre watching 9F soaring high in the air it was the last time I would see her this summer.

John Wright was in the hide yesterday and watched all three family members leave the bay:

06:15 –  The day started with the adult female on the T-perch and 9F food begging on the nest.

09:20 – 5R returned to the bay having roosted away last night. He landed on the far T-perch with 9F.

5R (left) and 9F (right) on the far T-perch

10:00 – 5R flew off south-west and the adult female flew north-east on a fishing trip.

5R going south-west at 10am yesterday

10:45 – The adult female returned to the T-perch without a fish and 9F continued her relentless food begging.

11:30 – The adult female caircled the bay once and then flew strongly south-west.

Adult female going south-west at 11:30am

13:30 – 9F began diving into the water and continued for several minutes.



14:30 – 9F left the nest and she circled up to 2500 to 3000ft until almost invisible with binoculars. She then came back towards the bay before slowly and hesitantly going south-west.

9F departing south-west

9F departing south-west

17:45 – Still no Ospreys back in the bay.

We haven’t seen any of the birds since so we can safely assume that they have begun their migration. Having left yesterday there is every chance they will have reached northern France today. We wish them well.

6 responses to “A sudden departure”

  1. Wendy Cox

    Rather sad after a wonderful five months watching every day! I hope 9F learns to fish pretty soon! Are you able to track 09 yet and can we see where he is heading? Thank you for a most informative site and particularly excellent pictures – it has been a great summer and we look forward to next year.

    1. Michelle

      Hi Wendy,

      Thanks for your kind comments. 09 is still in Rutland but as soon as he starts heading south we’ll be posting regular updates.

  2. Mary Dempsey

    Really enjoyed all the webcams & blogs from New Zealand. This has been way better than a reality tv show. Good luck to all the birds on their trips south & thanks to all the crew for your fantastic work

  3. Judy

    Thank you. I have enjoyed every minute.

  4. Suzy Savage

    Thank you all at Rutland Osprey Project for such fascinating insights into these stunning birds! I really miss 9F and her food-begging! I knew next to nothing about the osprey until I visited Rutland Water a few weeks ago and saw them on the nest at Manton Bay but now I know so much more! And now I am looking forward to the Spring when we will see them returning once more. Thanks again for such excellent work, I too have enjoyed every minute!

  5. Monica & Tony

    Well, sadly it looks like the end of another season. What a surprise to see that all three birds departed on the same day.

    It has been a very challenging year for the team and the birds but through it all they have given us some wonderful times. We would like to thank Tim and the rest of the team for their assistance when it was necessary and for providing all the excellent information and videos etc.

    We have again enjoyed all our time spent in Manton Bay watching these magnificent birds and all that goes on around them. We now wish them all a safe journey (especially 9F after her traumatic fledging) and look forward to their return already again next year, with some better weather!

    Roll on March 2013!