A sunny afternoon

After a dreary start to the day it has turned out to be a lovely afternoon on the reserve.

At about 2.30pm, 5R bought a pike back to Manton Bay. He sat with it in the fallen poplars for ten minutes or so before taking it to his mate on the nest.

A group of four buzzards have joined the ospreys in the bay today but the Manton Bay pair haven’t been too concerned by their presence, and have spent most of the day with at least one of them in the nest.

5R watching over the egg in the Manton Bay nest

With the arrival of the sunshine has come a handful of swallows and over a hundred sand martins on lagoon 4, it seems like Spring has finally sprung!

Keep your eyes on the webcam to see if you can spot the arrival of the second egg!

3 responses to “A sunny afternoon”

  1. Frank Patterson

    Now two eggs in nest Manton Bay,any more likely ?

    1. Lizzie

      Hi Frank, we’ll be expecting a third egg in the next few days.

  2. Anni Feeney

    So exciting to see a second egg in the nest !