A talented bunch

We have a very talented bunch of volunteers on hand at the Rutland Osprey Project.

This video created by Dave Cole was put together from a day spent filming from Shallow Water hide on Tuesday 18th June. It’s fantastic to watch and gives a great impression of a day in the life of the Manton Bay Ospreys. It’s great to see how much the youngsters (they seem far too big to be referred to as chicks anymore!) are moving around and stretching their wings.

Following a shift at Site B, another of our volunteers Peter Hill sent an email to tell us about his time spent watching 03(97) – Mr Rutland, and his family.

“Today Helen and I had an incredible experience in that we watched next-to-nothing happening, but what we did see was memorable.

Let me explain. We took over at 11:50 and left at 14:00, ie 250 mins. During that time 03 spent 220 mins sitting in the small oak. The other 30 mins were 14mins to leave and return with a good sized roach and 16 mins watching the chicks being fed. The female never left the nest and spent close on an hour feeding the chicks and herself, and the rest of the time enjoying the sun or enduring the rain. I entered 4 lines in the records! Boring? Not a minute. What a guy who can fly off and return in such a short time with a meal for the family.

Oh, and by the way, we were also entertained by a spritely Common whitethroat who sat on the fence opposite and availed us with his powerful voice. Plus two muntjacs who were enjoying the sun on the ridings. We didn’t even get too wet. Can’t say the same for Mick! Just a couple of damp ankles each, though Helen needs new boots. Her feet did get wet, but a birthday beckons! At least I know what to buy her.”

Hope we haven’t ruined the surprise Helen!