A Typical Day

It’s been a fairly quiet day in Manton Bay. This is typical during the time when the birds are incubating and a good sign that everything is proceeding as it should be. There is still a couple of weeks of incubation left to go before the hard work of raising the chicks begins.

On Thursday Huw Roberts from the Forestry Commission came and installed the necessary equipment to enable us to access the webcam image on a tablet computer from the hide. It is fantastic to have this facility in the hide and allows visitors to see what is going on in the nest as the birds return to change over incubation duties and bring in fish, simultaneously to viewing the ospreys first hand. It is also helpful to our volunteers and will allow even more accurate monitoring of incubation behaviour and idenification of the fish species brought in.

Huw Roberts showing volunteers Peter and Helen the images on the tablet computer

It looks like the sun is here to stay for the Bank Holiday weekend, why not come and see the ospreys at Lyndon and visit our volunteers in the hide.