A walk for Send a Cow

It won’t be long before the Ospreys who have spent their summer in Rutland start thinking about leaving England and beginning their incredible 3000 mile journey south to West Africa. With this in mind it was great timing for us to have our annual guided walk for Send a Cow. The walk was organised by Tricia and Martin Lawrence who are ambassadors for the Send a Cow charity. Each year Send a Cow helps to promote self-sustainable living in Africa by helping thousands of families grow their own food to eat and sell. This year, they will help almost 12,000 families along on their journey out of poverty. Each of those will go on to lend a hand to an average of 10 further families, restoring real hope to communities in rural Africa. To read more about this very important work, please visit the Send a Cow website.

After meeting everyone at Lyndon at 7am this morning, Tim gave an inspiring talk about the history of the project, satellite tracking and showed highlights from the Manton Bay camera. Paul and I then joined the group as we walked down to the hide. Along the way we stopped near the recently cut wildflower meadows and Paul told everyone about the habitat managemant that is carried out on the reserve every winter. We then carried on down to Waderscrape hide and met Moira, who had been on duty since 6am, and she told us that 5R had been missing all morning. It was decided that he was probably trying to ignore the incessant food begging coming from the nest. When all the scopes were set up, we had fantastic views of the adult female and two of the chicks, the third youngster was away exploring.

With the walk complete we headed to Tricia and Martin’s house in Manton for a fantastic African themed breakfast where Tricia told the group more about Send a Cow’s valuable work. Below is a photo of the group and you may recognise a couple of famous faces… We were extremely fortunate to be joined on the walk by Judith Chalmers and her husband Neil Durden-Smith who support Send a Cow’s work. I think we can now consider them to be Osprey fans too!

Send a Cow walk