A year ago today

One or both of the Manton Bay Osprey pair have been present in the Bay all day today, nearby the nest on their favourite perches. They shared a fish earlier this morning, and great views were had of them both from Waderscrape and Shallow Water hides. Several Water Voles were also spotted throughout the day, in the shallow channels in front of Waderscrape!

Later this afternoon, 33(11) suddenly began alarm calling and rose up from his perch. Looking up, it became clear that he was agitated by the presence of two other Ospreys, high above! Off he went to chase them away, and was absent from the nest area for quite a while afterwards. Maya seemed fairly unconcerned, and didn’t move from her perch. The identity of the intruding Ospreys is unknown, as they were too high to get a good look.

Unfortunately the live camera is still not working! However, neither Maya nor 33(11) have been on the nest itself since we opened this morning.

On this day last year, this is what was on the nest!

The three Manton Bay chicks, 30th June 2013

The three Manton Bay chicks, 30th June 2013