Acrobatic antics

Monday madness set in a little on the Manton Bay nest as the chicks get bigger and bigger, their wings are getting restless and the space is dwindling for them to move around!

The chicks had many good feeds yesterday, including a feed where the chicks look like they’re dropping an awful lot of it or being fussy as Maya tears off chunks for them.

The weather was rather humid yesterday, and we saw the chicks gathered at the edges of the nest in an attempt to keep as far away from each other as possible. You can see their tongues as they pant to cool off.

And when the chicks were expecting another feed in the afternoon, they had a rather clumsy surprise from Maya dropping a stick on 055’s head. Her son wasn’t impressed and took the stick completely off his mother and tried to rearrange it better on the nest.. we’re starting to see hints of the inner architect emerge! She quickly wrestled the stick back and moved it around until she was happy.

The chicks experienced a wetter day today but have waterproofing on their feathers now so can withstand the cold a little easier. They are 6 weeks old now and it won’t be long before they start to fledge!