Action in Manton Bay

Now all the chicks are flying there is plenty of action in Manton Bay. Even though the chicks are old enough to feed themselves they are still happy to be fed by the female. You can also see the third chick and 5R flying in the background before the chick lands on the nest.

If you look on the webcam in the coming days you are likely to see an empty nest, all the more reason to visit Lyndon and take in some of the action for yourself!

2 responses to “Action in Manton Bay”

  1. Janis Parkes

    Hi Just wanted to thank you all for your hard work in enabling me to get the veiws up close of these beautiful birds,I love Ospreys and to be able to watch them from birth to what they are now as been fantastic. Thank you again hope to come and visit in the future

  2. Stephen Harrison

    Dear all,
    Not wishing to stir up any animosity but the Kielder Forest Osprey team are claiming to have the only two Osprey families on one site in England. Are your nests not in England or not on the same site?
    I am enjoying your output and am much impressed by your birds. this weekend I intend to be in Wales to and hope to visit the Glaslyn and Dyfi sites.
    Keep up the good work.