Ain’t no sunshine

We had thought it was rather windy yesterday, but the wind today has made us reconsider – it was gale-force today, yesterday’s was nothing! In addition to the wind, it soon began to rain. It was an unwelcome change from the sunshine of the bank holiday weekend! There were a few hardy people who still visited Lyndon today, despite the inclement weather, to see the osprey pair and their three chicks. Maya spent most of the day attempting to shield all three of her youngsters from the wind and rain, which is difficult for her now that they’re so big.

In the rain (2) In the rain (1)

Despite the rain, the strong wind and the subsequent large waves on the reservoir, 33 managed to catch a lovely big pike, which he delivered in its entirety to Maya on the nest. It wasn’t quite dead and got itself into an awkward position, so Maya had to heft it about to get it where she wanted it!

Pike (1)

Pike (2)

At this age, the chicks seem to have rather large feet in proportion to their size! This is because their legs and feet grow the fastest and are the first things to reach maturity, and the rest of the body then has to play catch-up with them. Here are a couple of videos from yesterday of them lounging around the nest, stretching and showing off their large feet.

Yesterday, one of the chicks made us laugh by lying with its head underneath a stick! It didn’t seem bothered by this, and it couldn’t have been stuck as it soon managed to extricate itself.



One response to “Ain’t no sunshine”

  1. Andy

    Just watching Maya sheltering the chicks but they got restless and erupted from beneath, tipping her over at 45 degrees. She wasn’t bothered though.