All Action in Manton Bay

If you have visited the Manton Bay nest over the past few days, the chances are you will have seen some pretty spectacular action – perhaps 5R fishing in front of the hides, or 52 ‘helicoptering’ up above the nest.

The bay has been providing some great fishing for 5R and he’s caught eight pike close to Shallow Water hide in the past 48 hours, including one that Dave Cole managed to capture on video – well done Dave!

The chicks meanwhile are now very close to fledging. Encouraged by a stiff breeze 52 has been doing some serious helicoptering this morning – disappearing out of camera view several times. It is only a matter of time before he plucks up the courage to make that all important first flight. Keep watching the webcam or, even better, come and see it all for yourself. It really is worth it. Here’s a video of 52 in action.

Apologies for the lack of camera pictures over the weekend, but I’m hoping we have now resolved the problem (after nine hours of trying yesterday!).

3 responses to “All Action in Manton Bay”

  1. Mike Simmonds

    Great views Tim and an exciting/anxious time ahead. Best wishes, Mike S.

  2. John Cheney

    Brilliant Tim, must get up to Rutland and see for myself. Regards John C.

  3. Karen

    Congratulations on your fledgling 12.03 13th July 2011